Administering Assessments on Computers

Follow these steps to administer Track My Progress assessments on computers:

Create a student account for every student taking a Track My Progress test

See this article for more information on creating student accounts. Your Technology Administrator may have already imported your student roster into your class, which means you can skip this step.

Give each student your school account number, their username and password

Your school account number is the same number you use to sign in to your account Track My Progress class administrator account. See this article for directions on how to print sign in cards for your students. Some teachers find it helpful print the Track My Progress student roster with their students' usernames and passwords so they can assist their students with the sign-in process. See this article to print your student roster.

Help your students sign in

Direct your students to the Dashboard and have them click on Track My Progress for their school.


  • You can create a bookmark or shortcut on each computer that saves the sign in page with your school account number already entered for each student. When your students sign in to test, they will just need to click the bookmark or shortcut and enter their username and password. To implement this feature see this article.
  • Make sure your computers meet the Track My Progress technical requirements.
  • Your students also have the option of taking Track My Progress assessments on iPads. To learn how to test on the iPad see this article.