Can my students test on the iPad?

Yes. You will need to download and install the Track My Progress app on each iPad. See this article for more info on installing and using Track My Progress on the iPad.

How much time does it take to complete a Track My Progress test?

The Track My Progress tests are not timed. Each test takes a student approximately 20 minutes to complete. However, some students may finish in as little as 12 minutes or as long as 35 minutes.

How often are Track My Progress tests available?

Students may test four times a year. The testing windows are Fall (September, October, November), Winter (December, January, February), Spring (March, April, May) and Summer (June, July, August). A student may take one math test and one reading test during each test window.

Do all the students in my class see the same test questions?

Track My Progress is a computer adaptive test that uses a question bank of over five thousand questions. During a test Track My Progress chooses the difficulty of the next question based on how well the student answered the previous questions. For example, if a student answers three medium questions correctly, the test is then going to give more medium and hard questions and fewer easy questions. However, if a student answers the medium questions incorrectly, the student will see fewer medium questions and more easy questions.

Can my students take the math and reading tests on the same day?

The math and reading tests cannot be taken on the same day. If a student completes the math test and then signs in again on the same day she will be greeted with a message that indicates her reading test will be available the next day.

Can students take Track My Progress tests at home?

Students need to take Track My Progress tests at school and under teacher supervision. They should not receive assistance answering test questions which may happen at home. It is technically possible for students to sign in at home and take a Track My Progress test. Therefore sign in cards should be collected after test sessions have been completed. As an additional measure of security teachers can turn off a testuntil the day the test is to be taken at school.

One of my students was absent the last day of the test season and did not complete her reading test. Can she complete it now in the new test window?

All testing must be completed before the end of the test window. When a student signs in to Track My Progress in the next test window she will be given the test for the new test window.

I only want to give my students the Track My Progressreading test. How do I have them skip the math test.

The first time a student signs in to Track My Progress each test window she will be given the math test. To skip the math test and give the reading test first you will need to turn off the math test from your My Settings screen.

How do I contact Track My Progress educator support?

You can reach us by phone (800-294-0989) or by email (

Can the directions be changed from English to Spanish?

Track My Progress is only available in English.

How do I change the username or password for a student?

You can change the username and password of a student through your My Class window on the class administrator page.

I am trying to view data from another class but I do not see it listed on my screen. How can I access other classes?

You can view data from different classes by following these steps. However, you must be assigned to the classes by your School or Technology Administrator.

I am having trouble signing in to the iPad app to view my students' data.

The Track My Progress iPad app is only for students to take assessments. In order to view student data and manage student accounts on your iPad please use the Safari web browser and sign in at the Track My Progress home page.

I see you are offering pilot tests this year for grade 6 students. How are these tests different than the K-5 tests.

You can learn more about the grade pilot opportunity by clicking here.