This KB article will show you how to exempt standards linked to an assessment, for a formative assessment for example.
As you can see below, a teacher has created a formative assessment and has linked 3 standards. One being the domain/anchor (higher-level) standard (the dark blue one). You can also see that the teacher has marked the assignment collected and scored the linked standards for this assessment.

Now the teacher has decided that for this formative assessment he/she doesn't want to count these standard grades into the Final Standards Grade (the one that will show up in the portal and on the report card). SImply right-click anywhere in the standard column and choose Fill Scores.

Next, choose Replace All and choose Scores and mark the Exempt checkbox and click OK.

End Result
As you can see below, the entire column for that standard, which just happens to be the domain/anchor standard, is grayed-out - this signifies that it is exempt and not counting towards the Standards Final Grade.  Simply repeat the 2 steps for the other standards if you want to exempt them too.  The benefit of this method is that you may have a formative assessment and you can granularly decide which standards are or are not exempt (content area vs transferable skills for example).