1. Open internet explorer
  2. Browse to the website that needs to be added to compatibility view or removed from compatibility view.
  3. Click on the tools tab at the top of the screen
  4. You will now see a drop down menu appear
  5. In the drop down menu you will see compatibility view with a check next to it or without a check next to it.
  6. Click Compatibility View to add a check or remove a check. (Adding a check will add that website in Compatibility View, removing the check will remove that website from Compatibility View.)

  • You can add websites all at once if you know the websites that need to be added to Compatibility View by clicking Compatibility View settings. When Compatibility Settings opens you will see a box where you can add each website. Type in the website in the text box and click add. You can do this for all the websites that need Compatibility view. If you see any websites that need to be removed than you can highlight by clicking on the website and click remove on the right.