Here's how you can print from a Chromebook (This only pertains to HP printers)

  1. You'll need to browse the Chrome Web Store and find "HP Print for Chrome". 

  2. Click on "Add to Chrome".

  3. Once that extension has been added to Chrome you'll need to configure the printers.

  4. Click on the "HP print for Chrome" icon in the Chrome Web Store.

  5. This will open another window where you can launch the App. Click on "Launch App". 

  6. Once the App opens click on "Add Printer". 

  7. Another window will appear where you can specify the name of the printer (You're choice; Name it whatever you want). Also, you'll have to enter the IP address of the printer. (Ask your IT Tech which printer you can add and it's IP address) Remember to click the (+) when the preferred printer name and IP address has been specified.

Now you should be able to print from your Chromebook.