Sign In to PowerTeacher Pro

Sign in to PowerTeacher Portal, and then select the PowerTeacher Pro link on the main menu.

Navigation Bar

  • Select +Create to create assignments or assignment categories.
  • Select ? to view contextual help.
  • Select the silhouette or photo to sign-out of PowerTeacher Pro.

Class Selector

Select the term and classes from the class selector at the top of the page.

  1. Open the class selector to choose a term based on classes or groups. Select the arrow next to a term to switch to that term view.
  2. Select  to view the Scoresheet for a class.
  3. Select  to view the grades progress for a class.
  4. On the Groups tab, select all classes in the selected term or a class group. The groups are automatically created for classes occurring in the selected term that have the same expression, course, or school (if there are classes at multiple schools).
  5. Select the Settings tab to change the Display Settings.

Charms Bar

Select an item on the charms bar along the left side of the app to open the corresponding section.

Term Selector

Select a term to change the current term that appears in PowerTeacher Pro.

PowerTeacher Portal

PowerTeacher Pro provides links to the PowerTeacher portal. These links are available on the Students menu, and from the Apps link on the charms bar.