Create Assignments

You can create one assignment at a time as you progress through the term, or you can set up assignments for the entire term before the term starts. Creating assignments before entering scores does not skew how grades appear. The final grade that appears next to a student’s name on the Scoresheet page reflects an average grade for only the assignments that you have scored already.

Create an Assignment

  1. Select  and then choose Assignment.
  2. Select the classes for this assignment from .
  3. Choose/enter assignment information.
  4. When you select the Score Type, the fields change specific to your selection. See More Help on Score Types.
  5. To include assignments in final grade calculations, verify that Count in Final Grade is selected.
  6. Select the Students tab to choose specific students for which this assignment applies, if applicable.
  7. Select the Standards tab to choose standards to apply to the assignment and whether or not they count in standards grades.
  8. Select the Publish tab to set when the assignment will be shared with parents and students on the PowerSchool Student and Parent portal. Select the Publish Scores checkbox to share the assignment score.
  9. Select Save when finished.

When you save an assignment, Duplicate and Delete buttons appear on the Edit window. You can copy the assignment you just created, or delete it.

Create a Duplicate Assignment

To save time, copy existing assignments.

  1. On the charms bar, select Grading, then select Assignment List.
  2. Select the Edit icon next to the assignment name on the Assignments page.
  3. Select Duplicate.
  4. Edit the assignments details and click Save.

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