Here is how you turn off the Pop Up Blocker in IE.

***Close out all web pages***

  1. Click on the Start Button and select "Control Panel"

  2. Once you're in the Control Panel make sure the view settings are set to "Small". This way it's easier to navigate.

  3. Once you've changed the view setting to small you can now find "Internet Options". Click on "Internet Options".

  4. Once the Internet Options box opens up you can click on the "Privacy" tab.

  5. Once you've clicked on the Privacy tab you can find the section labeled "Pop-Up Blocker". Uncheck the box next to Pop-Up Blocker and click "Apply".

  6. Go back the Dashboard and access the "SBAC Test Administration" again. The error should not pop up again and you should now be able to start a test session.

Happy Testing