Here is how to start a test session:

When you log in to the Test Administration Site, the Test Selection window opens automatically.

This window allows you to select tests and start the session. Only the tests that you select will

be available to students who join your session.

The Test Selection window color-codes tests and groups them into various categories by tests,

grade, and subject. A test group may include one or more sub-groups. All test groups and sub-

groups appear collapsed by default. To expand a test group, click "+(or Expand All). To

collapse an expanded test group, click "-(or Collapse All)

To a  test session:

1. If the Test Selection window is not open, click Select Tests in the upper-right corner of the TA Site (otherwise skip to step 2).

2. To select tests for the session, do one of the following:

o select individual tests, mark the checkbox for each test you want to include.

o select all the tests in a test group, mark the checkbox for that group

o select all available tests, click Select All at the top of the window.

3. Optional: Select a test reason from the Reason for Session drop-down list in the bottom of

the window. Test reasons categorize the test opportunities in your session for reporting


4. In the lower-left corner of the window, click "Start LIVE Session" (the exact label for this button

may vary depending on whether you are starting a practice or operational session). The

window closes and the Session ID appears on the TA Site.

5. Provide the Session ID to your students.

Note: Write down the Session ID in case you accidentally close the browser window and need

to return to the active test session. You may have only one session open at a time. You cannot

reopen closed sessions, but students can resume a test opportunity in a new session.