Approving Students for Testing

After students sign in and select tests, you must verify that their settings and accommodations

are correct before approving them for testing. When students are awaiting approval, the

Approvals button next to the Session ID becomes active and bounces until you click it. The

number next to this button indicates how many students are awaiting approval 

Note: The Approvals notification updates regularly, but you can also click

in the upper-right corner to update it manually.

1. Click Approvals. The Approvals and Student Test Settings window appears which

displays a list of students grouped by test (and test segment, if applicable)

2. To check a student’s test settings and accommodations, click

for that student. The student’s information appears.

a. If any settings are incorrect, update them as required. Students should not begin testing

until their settings are correct. Read-only test settings should be updated in TIDE.

Alert: When approving students for testing, you must update the editable settings in this

window, rather than in TIDE. You must update the read-only settings in TIDE.

b. Do one of the following:

 To confirm the settings, click Set. You must still approve the student for testing (see

step 5).

 To confirm the settings and approve the student, click Set & Approve. Students can

start testing once you approve them.

 To return to the Approvals and Student Test Settings window without confirming

settings, click Cancel.

3.Repeat step 2 for each student in the list.

Note: The Approvals and Student Test Settings window does not automatically refresh. To

update the list of students awaiting approval, click Refresh at the top of the window.

4.If you need to deny a student access to testing, do the following (otherwise skip to step 5):

a.Click "X" for that student.

b. Optional: In the window that appears, enter a brief reason for denying the student.

c. Click Deny. The student receives a message explaining the reason for the denial and is

logged out.

Note: If you deny students entry for a test, they can still request access to that test again.

5. If you wish to approve students directly from the Approvals and Student Test Settings

window, do the following:

To approve individual students, click "Check" for each student.

To approve all students for a given test or test segment, click Approve All Students for

that test or segment